I have been wanting to say something about this for a while now, and then a friend posted something that forced me to put my feelings into words.

It is this: Our country is fuckin’ crazy right now. I have never seen it like this, and I pay attention. Reading the news each day takes strength, no matter which party you identify with. Absorbing the sea of information can leave you confused. So many issues need attention. So many systems being damaged. How can a person sift through it all, let along figure out how to help make it better?

The answer is, you can’t triage what’s going on right now, because there is simply too much happening. You can, however, decide to bloom where you’re blown. You just have to figure out where the wind is pushing you.

It is not time to despair or to give up. That it all seems overwhelming right now is the chaos caused by the old systems fighting with everything they’ve got as the new systems grow and move forward. It is as it always has been, as it is meant to be. But the change that used to take centuries happens in a year or two now. The speed at which we’re moving knocks the breath out of us. You are not alone. The whole world is reaching, often blindly, for a better future.

Despairing, oppressed people all over the world are communicating with each other now, sharing hope, encouragement, and ideas for the new and better world that they now realize is possible. You can’t stop people from wanting something better.

It’s going to be pretty messy for a while, for decades probably, and I won’t be here to see how it all ends, but I believe the world is giving birth to a new age; that ultimately we will come together as one family. Perhaps not one always-happy family, but a family that nonetheless stumbles stubbornly ahead attempting to create better lives for its members.

So what do you do? How do you find your way through the morass to make a contribution to a better world? You stop trying to make sense of EVERYTHING. You stop cutting yourself up into tiny little pieces trying to do something about each and every issue thrown at you with a request for help. Ask yourself what matters most to you, what you, as one person, can accomplish. What calls to you in your heart. Do that. Do that one thing, even if it is helping only one person at a time. Stop attempting to figure out the politics, because it isn’t up to you to save the country. It is, however, up to you to join the millions of others who simply will not turn away. Remember, there are more people fighting for peace and justice than fighting against it.

Hope and action are our obligations. Contribute to the good in whatever way you can. Be that person. That is what matters.